Our Mission

We work to uphold children's rights as outlined in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC), and around the world this work takes shape in a number of ways

Start an avocado orchard, send a child to school or invest in a single dairy cow and discover how far your investment dollars can go to assist families and vulnerable children all around the world.

At Abundant life home we work to protect and promote children's rights by advocating for the rights of children in the united state and overseas, and engaging children in united state in the concept of rights and how they can promote and respect the rights of other children.

A home and family where ‘Children Love to Live’. We care for children
whose parents are deceased, in foster family units. We help mother’s at
risk keep and care for their children as well as support families
struggling with poverty, to keep their children instead of sending them
to an orphanage through our ‘Project Standing Strong.’ Come and see for
yourself; it’s a magical place!


Causes Solved






Saved Chidren

Our History

The Abundant Life Orphanage cares for children who have contracted HIV, and who have lost their families due to AIDS. In Thailand, children with HIV are considered completely worthless and hopeless.

Thankfully, through the vision of Karen and Ricky Sanchez, and the support of MB Mission, there is now a home run by people who think otherwise. This orphanage gives children a chance for hope, a place for dignity, and an education to help with their future. Instead of facing a life on the streets, these children are provided well-kept homes and loving housemothers.

The orphanage consists of four homes. Each home has one housemother for every six children. According to Neil, as far as orphanages go, these are really nice homes. When you think about the ratio of children to housemothers, it’s a pretty amazing statistic.

The children who live in these homes are exposed to education and programs which seek to develop skills. These skills then become a child’s opportunity to, as an adult, go out into the world as an employable and productive member of society.

When you consider what Abundant Life Orphanage does for these children, you cannot help but feel amazed at the hope for a brighter future for each of these children born into inequity.
The main job for Neil and “the crew” was to help lay tile in the orphanage’s open air building. They installed over two and a half pallets of tile on an uneven floor. Neil’s partner at the orphanage is a mason by trade, which was incredibly handy considering the condition of the floor. In spots the floor would vary from 1 to 3 inches in height. This made laying the tile incredibly challenging. Anyone who has laid tile (oh, the back pain!) understands what type of undertaking this truly is. Neil, his family, and his friends worked hard to get the job done, and done right.