Sponsor an Orphan

abundant life Orphanage is a non-profit organization that rescues vulnerable children without families around the world and children who strive to fit into society.  abundant life Orphanage offers a way out of disregard, ill-treatment, exploitation, and stigma they face. Here in AbundantLife Orphanage, we nurture unique relationships that bring real hope and a life-affirming experience. Your sponsorship gives children life-changing basics like access to balanced diets, clean water, healthcare, quality education, a chance to belong and escape their poor living conditions so they can compete globally with the various opportunities the world has to offer.

Access to food, healthcare, education, shelter, emotional support is the fundamentals every young child should have as earlier stated, but there are a number of children in communities around the world who are deprived of these very basic necessities. Imagine millions of children living without the love, care, and protection of families with nothing more than a piece of cardboard for a blanket and neglect almost guaranteed. No child should ever go through such and this is why AbundantLife orphanage was established.

With your sponsorship and donations so far, we have been able to provide either books, school uniforms or clothing for just 40,000 children in various countries such as Thailand, Indonesia, the USA, and the Philippines.

Let us tell you a story about our star child, Mary from the Philippines

This little girl is talented, inquisitive, funny, smart, and has a smile that can literally brighten up a room. Her parents died in a terrible accident of a gasoline explosion making her an instant orphan. After maltreatments from people who were supposedly her caregivers, she ran away from home with no other option than to fend for herself from nothing at the age of 9. Of course, you can imagine the dangers and kinds of suffering she went through, being young and a girl in this cruel world. From sexual assaults to exposure to harsh and unfriendly weather conditions, to days without food, clean water, or even a change of clothing. During one of our rescue missions in the Philippines, we came across Mary and we took her into our home, where she now experiences utter love and care alongside fellow other children. Her background isn’t the most fascinating thing about her. Her fascinating nature is her many talents such as her love for music which she uses to entertain everyone in the home, her academic excellence which has brought many scholarship proposals and her ever ready to learn and to love the character. Fortunately, with the help of her sponsor, Mr. Maxwell Johnson, she was able to attend a high esteemed school, after picking interest in her during one of his visits in our orphanage. She was mixed with children of more privileged backgrounds and was able to outshine her peers in virtually everything. Mary is now thriving well as a biomedical technologist and can now take the world by whatever it brings. It would really be a beautiful thing to write stories like this about every child in our home.


Just like Mary, so many other orphans in the home need sponsorship to help discover what makes them unique enough to thrive well in the real world. The extent of even the littlest donation cannot be overemphasized as donating even a pair of socks can help keep a child’s feet warm during cold seasons.  We hope to do more for these children, but without your help, we can’t achieve that and by the end of the year, we plan to put a smile on the faces of more than 100,000 children.


Our limitations have sometimes forced us to lay off caretakers, reduce food rations, and deny them what they need in high amounts of quality, such as education. Remember these children are just understanding what it feels like to matter and be loved, and we fight hard to prevent this from happening, but we can only fight with what we have.



There is this fulfillment you get when you see you are responsible for the progress of someone you invested in, and of course, the abstract and divine reward you get afterward. When you sponsor an orphan, you bring them out of danger and place them into a safe environment with all they need in order to flourish and have a fair shot at building a prosperous and meaningful life.